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Filet Mignon Sandwich at Jeremy in Keego Harbor, MI [DTW]

boagman | Sep 5, 2011 01:03 AM

Dear sweet merciful, I may have eaten the best sandwich I can recollect. I honestly cannot think of any that I've enjoyed more, for at least several years. This sandwich is absolutely, positively solid "A/A+" territory. I really don't have any complaints about it, but if there *must* be a caveat, then fine: some of the juices spilled onto my hands and I was a bit embarrassed about licking them clean. Didn't stop me, of course...

A couple of things to know right up front:

1. This sandwich is not on the regular menu at all, *nor can it be ordered* at a dining room table. This sandwich is only on the bar menu, and is available exclusively there. From what I understand, there are no exceptions.

2. It's $10, and doesn't come with any "sides" but the standard crackers and hummus that they serve to everyone (which I rather like, BTW). There is no discount on the food during Happy Hour so far as I know, and any BOGO coupons wouldn't apply to it.

Here's the description from the bar menu itself: "Toasted Sourdough with
Onion Marmalade and Zap Sauce $10". This is a *ridiculously* modest description. It also comes with lettuce and tomato, and every ingredient on the one I had was *perfect*. Aesthetically speaking, the sandwich was gorgeous, and it only got better.

The filet itself was a gorgeous deep pink/reddish color, and the color of the grilled sourdough was picturesque...a perfect golden brown. Crispy and fact, the whole sandwich, stem to stern, practically *screams* that it's a heart-unhealthy thing, but that if you're going to die, you might as well die happy!

It's one of those moments where you'll never forget your first bite of a fantastic thing. It's an orgy of sweet, salt, and savory flavors just mixing together and pulling off a Command Performance. Every bite, first to last, was a treasure. Their onion marmalade, in conjuntion with their superior ability to prepare beef, is just masterful. The whole thing is art. Art that should be eaten. NOW.

I was there on Sunday, of course, and Sunday's the day that they really celebrate/push their hamburger (the "J Burger"), which is $13, and comes with fries. I've had it, and it's really good, but I can't fathom ordering it when the filet mignon sandwich is only $10. Comparitively speaking, while the burger might be (well, *is*) pricey, they're practically *giving this sandwich away*, considering the quality and taste of the whole thing.

So, um, yeah. I was out the door for $13 (Fred the bartender did a very good job, and when I asked if he'd had the sandwich before I ordered it, his two-word response was an emphatic "Love it!"), and while I might normally chafe at the price, I must say that it's *completely* worth it, especially considering that the crackers and hummus are gratis.

Next time, I'm getting the *exact same thing*, and maybe a nice cocktail. We'll see. They've certainly earned my money *again*, and I'm still amazed at Jeremy's prowess in the kitchen. To think that they've elevated the humble sandwich to this level...what a revelation.

Get there, and get that sandwich. You'll be just so, so happy that you did.

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