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Please Help Me Figure Out How To Safely Level a Slanted Electric Coil Burner on my Stovetop

KungPaoDumplings | Sep 1, 201305:00 PM

I rent and my stovetop is the electric coil type and very old.

Two of my coils are slightly slanted to the point that the front area (Near the front of the oven) is lower than the back of the coil (They aren't both exactly slanted in the same direction, just roughly the same). I have checked if it was the inserts beneath the coils to blame and it isn't. The coils themselves are attached inside the stovetop in such a way that I can't adjust them and they seem to be attached just slightly high.

The slant of my coils is very slight, but it is enough that I notice that when I cook that there is pooling on one side of the pan.

How can I safely level these electric coil burners?

The only thing I have thought of is aluminum foil underneath the supports of the coil, but it seems like being so close to direct heat would be a bad idea. Would this work? Or is aluminum foil not meant for such high temperatures?

If you have any more questions, please ask.

Thanks for the help!

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