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Fighting over who pays the bill


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Fighting over who pays the bill

BlueGoo | Aug 7, 2013 06:55 AM

I just experienced a situation and would like CHers’ feedback.

My cousins were visiting from abroad. For their last night in Toronto, we went out to a very elegant restaurant. My SO and I arrived first – I told our waiter and the maitre d’ that we wanted to pay for the dinner and that they should not allow our guests to pay. All good, but towards the end of the dinner my cousin excused himself and went and paid. I didn’t say anything but was quite upset with our waiter as I felt we had an understanding with the restaurant over who would pay.

What can I do next time to ensure this doesn’t happen? Is it worthwhile contacting the owner of the restaurant to discuss their policy? I do realize it sometimes puts the waiter in an untenable position.

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