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Ferry Building Thursday Farmer's Market

jen maiser | Jul 3, 200308:47 PM     3

The CUESA website has this to say about the Thursday Farmer's Market: " We see the Thursday market as an incubator, featuring some small regional farmers and artisan food producers who do not currently participate in our Tuesday or Saturday market. "

Needing to take a break from the incessant drilling and construction going on in my apartment building today, I took a walk down there to check it out.

The market is probably about 1/3 the size of the Tuesday market. I counted 11-13 stalls -- all on the right-hand, front side on the building in one little line.

Contrary to what the CUESA site says, all of the vendors were not new producers ... in fact many participate on Saturday and Tuesday.

Here's a rundown of most of the booths (I think I missed a couple):

* Donna's tamales. Like Tuesday, this is the only hot prepared food at the Market.

* A booth that sells pickles and a couple of prepared cold items (can't remember exactly what).

* Cap'n Mike's smoked salmon. A mainstay of the Saturday market.

* Kashiwase Fruits. Selling peaches, pluots, nectarines, etc.

* Andante Cheese from Santa Rosa. Cow's milk and goat's milk. Also available on Saturdays.

* Iacoppi Farm. The people that sell snap peas, english peas, etc at the Saturday market.

* Hazel dell Mushrooms.

* Highland hills grassfed beef. http://www.highlandhillsfarm.com/

* Alba Organics. This booth had a lot of variety. Selling strawberries, raspberries, broccoli, herbs, lettuces, green beans, leeks, sunflowers among other things.

* Cherry booth - don't know the name. I think they were from Linden.

* One Oak Ranch from Reedley selling peaches.

More things are opening inside the market as well. McEvoy Ranch is selling olive oils and other products. I think that is the newest addition I have seen. So I think the open stalls inside now are Prather, Recchuti, McEvoy, Cowgirl Creamery (which is very busy everytime I go in there), Acme. Maybe that's all - can't remember any more.

Back to the Thursday market: I am not sure how much they are really sticking to their goal -- it was my initial understanding (from a Saturday farmer) that Saturday/Tuesday vendors were being asked not to participate on Thursdays.

So, overall I think this market is cool because if I was going to cook or entertain on a Thursday night, there are definitely enough items to do most of my shopping at the Thursday market. This is definitely more of a shopping trip and less of an "event" like the Saturday market can be. For instance, I would take an out-of-towner to the Saturday market, but not the Thursday. That may be a plus for some of you. I would like to see a couple more booths there to make the experience complete -- an egg farmer, for instance. I am looking forward to more of the inside booths being open so that there is more prepared food for the Tuesday and Thursday Markets.

Ferry Building Farmer's Market
3.00 pm - 7.00 pm every Thursday

Link: http://www.cuesa.org

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