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Why is everyone feeding my teenager pizza?

RGC1982 | Jan 7, 200805:34 PM

It is now getting to be ridiculous. Whenever my daughter visits one of her friends on a weekend night, the parents order pizza. The same family may order pizza three weekends in a row. We have started making jokes about how these unimaginative and lazy parents just can't seem to come up with another alternative on Friday and Saturday nights for these kids, and my daughter is so bored with it that she is beginning to eat with us before going out so that she can have real food (BTW, we love pizza, but not a steady diet of it). It is always the same chain/delivery quality.

When the group is at my house, I cook a nice meal and leave them to eat alone in the kitchen while DH and I move to another room. Am I the only parent in town who cares to serve real food to these teens? One night, I made hamburgers with home made french fries, and my daughter said her friends were talking about my food in school all week. I grind my own beef, so they ARE good, but they are still hamburgers. A compliment surely, but a sad commentary. One parent even called to ask how I made brocolli because her daughter said it was the most delicious brocolli she had ever eaten (fresh, with butter, nuked in the microwave!).

Any thoughts on this? What do you do feed the group when your teen has friends over?

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