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polishjeweatswonderbread | Sep 4, 201602:41 PM     5

962 Kingston Road
Toronto, Ontario
(416) 694-0443

Been going since 1981. Pub atmosphere. Banquetters reupholstered (shocking pink) since I was there last, about 20 years ago with wife's English parents.

We had the special
Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding,
Mashed Potato (or French fries) and Vegetables
6 oz 14.99 8 oz 17.50

A pub with English pub food. Real food, not chicken wings. See menu. A good place to take your Pommy inlaws and other such visitors.
It seems to be a bit of a hobby. I understand that one of the owners owns two distilleries in Scotland.
There over 300 items on the Scotch list.

I started with a tomato- leek soup. I left it. It was housemade, but it tasted as if they used a copycat Campbell's soup recipe. And at $4.99, the small bowl- cup of tomato soup was expensive.

As for the roast beef plate.
A plate completely covered with an assortment of vegetables. Excellent.
Even the chips on it were excellent.
Then a slice of roast beef was put on top,- we asked for rare- then some light brown gravy.
The roast beef had been tenderized into puffiness and tastelessness. The taste was provided by the gravy and the horseradish on the side. These were needed for palatability. A complete waste of a pricey ingredient. Any other meat would have been better on top of the excellent veggies. Indeed, nothing on top would have been better than the beef.
The Yorkshire pudding was good- I think. But I never have understood its purpose. Why not a slice of bread? To think of it ..... English bread........let's try the Yorkshire pudding again!
The gravy warm was pleasantly inoffensive. Cold, it was tasty.

We finished with a slice of pecan pie, shared. The pastry was thin and pleasantly innocuous. The custard filling was very good; light, not too sweet. The pecans were overcooked into dark brown murky relative tastelessness and did not provide the almost astringent nutty contrast that I wanted. But overall, we were pleased for it and it was a good dessert on which to finish the meal.
Big enough for two.

The lower class pub items on the menu (some seen on other tables) looked like a better bet than the Mrs. Bucket roast beef and are reasonably priced.

We had a wonderful waitress who hears everything you say and remembers everything.

416 Snack Bar
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