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Favorite Weird Breakfasts


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Favorite Weird Breakfasts

Dennis | Sep 21, 2002 07:31 AM

Do any of you enjoy a particular weird breakfast that you would almost be willing to bet an entire months paycheck that nobody else indulges in but you?

Here is one of my own.

Very simply, I just cook up a box of Near East brand Couscous. This brand of Couscous comes with a variety of seasoning packets. My favorite is the Herbed Chicken, with the Roasted Garlic coming in a close second.

Like the directions say, I add two tablespoons of olive oil to give it that velvety texture. However, I use two cups of water instead of the 1 1/4 cups mentioned on the box.To me, this makes a lighter and fluffier couscous.

I know this doesn't sound too weird so far. But I left out one little detail. After I add the water, olive oil, and the seasoning packet, I like to shake in a few drops of Dave's Insanity Sauce. If I am out of this sauce, a few sprinkles of red hot pepper flakes will do.

After the mixture comes to a boil, I let it sit off the stove for 5 to 10 minutes. Then I fluff it up with a fork, put it in a bowl, and enjoy.

To me, the fluffy and velvety texture of the couscous blends well with the taste combinations of the seasoning packet, olive oil, and hot sauce.


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