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Favorite off-menu In-N-Out orders

Papuli | Dec 8, 201401:34 PM     16

I polled friends and came up with this list. Can we add even more to this stunning variety?

Double-double animal style protein style.

Mustard grilled, grilled onions, mustard instead, chopped chiles.

Flying Dutchman or double double protein. [The Flying Dutchman is two slices of cheese sandwiched between two patties.]

Animal style, extra lettuce.

3x3, ketchup, cheese, and spread only

Hamburger, grilled onions. Fries well done.

Cheeseburger, ketchup, mustard, lettuce and onion only. No tomato, no thousand island.

Animal style, chilis chopped into patty.

Double double, animal style, medium rare, salad on the side, chopped chiles, grilled onion, cut in half. Apply ketchup manually.

Animal style with animal style fries, extra spread on the side, and a strawberry shake.

Everything but the burger.

Mustard fried, WITH pickles, chilis on the side. Fries, well done.

(Original post here: http://katherinespiers.tumblr.com/pos...)

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