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your favorite cheese

andy huse | Jan 4, 2001 03:36 PM

yes, cheese. I've recently been exposed to a bunch of new imported varieties at a local gourmet/wine store. I've tried some wonderful hard and soft asiago, a great creamy Taleggio, an intriguing mustard cheese called Red Dragon, etc. I've always loved a good provolone, (mild) swiss, gouda, cheddar, colby or jack. But some of these imports are truly divine. My fave thus far: a German cheese called Bruder Basel, smoked by monks. It practically melts in your mounth, imparting a smoky flavor.

when i want to eat like a king on Fridays without any cooking, I go to the aforementioned store, pick up several kinds of imported cheese, some fresh bread (usually baguettes or focaccia), some fruit and nuts, and some beer and wine, go to my girlfriends (who often boils up some shrimp) and go to town. I usually eat quickly to a fault, but when i linger over my tray of delectables by the glow of the TV (ahhh, Friday Night Fights) I often nibble for hours, but never to excess. It is a feast that takes about 5 minutes to prepare (heat bread, arrange tray, maybe boil shrimp, and cut cheese as i go) and makes me (and the girlfriend) really happy. It costs less than $20 or $30 (with drinks).

now the question--- what is your favorite cheese? does anyone else engage in rituals like this? I'm not a wine lover (as of yet), but when i eat like this i could see how one could get carried away. pure enjoyments.

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