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Is this why we're fat?

rockycat | Jan 13, 201206:57 AM

I was checking out the website of a supermarket chain that is running a "Healthy Recipe Contest." The description of the judging criteria clearly states that, among other things such as taste and creativity, the recipes will be judged on "calories; salt, sugar and fat content; fiber; use of healthy ingredients (including oils, spices, etc). " The market has no control over what people submit. So someone actually submitted this recipe for Chicken Spagetti (sic):

1 pkg Boneless/Skinless Chicken Breast
1 lg Onion
2 cans {mild/optional} Ro*Tel diced tomatoes & Green chilies
1 can drained mushroom pieces
2 Lbs Velveeta cheese
1 box of Multigrain Spagettie Noodles {Muellers}

In pot boil your noodles then boil your chicken and onion separately. Drain all in strainer add all in one pot that you cooked your noodles in, your chicken, onion, mushroom, rotel, cheese and mix well then add noodles and mix. Put in a backing cassarole dish and cook at 350 degrees for 30 min uncovered.

2 POUNDS OF VELVEETA CHEESE!!!! In what universe is that considered healthy? I can only hope that this was someone's idea of a joke and this person does not actually believe that this is a healthy meal for 4 or 6 or whatever.

Maybe it's time to stop blaming McDonald's for our expanding waistlines and look to our own kitchens.

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