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Do all farmers markets in Florida stink?


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Do all farmers markets in Florida stink?

lax2mia | Nov 6, 2006 03:32 PM

I've had it! Over the last few years I've tried to convince myself that famers markets in Florida (at least in my neck of South Florida) were getting better and more plentiful. Well, more plentiful, yes. Better, I'm not so sure.

The reason for the diatribe was that this weekend I got roped into going to a new (at least to me) farmers market in the Mayfair mall in Coconut Grove. Parking was a pain but after a few minutes found something about a block away. As we approached we saw the ubiquitous tents; however, as we walked among the vendors here's what we found:

- someone selling sunglasses
- someone providing massages and other healing activities
- a bread vendor
- a colombian empanada vendor
- someone selling incense and other frangrance products
- someone selling live baby turtles (which, by the way, I thought was illegal given that the turtles carry tons of salmonella)

and at the end of the parade of tents, a woman selling fruit and vegetables from boxes that looked like they could have been from Publix. This event was so pathetic it doesn't deserve as much time as I'm spending complaining about it. But I had to get it out there and see if anyone else has had as bad an experience. Or, better yet, can someone point me in the direction of a decent farmers market?

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