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Expiring Food


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Expiring Food

WC | Dec 10, 2003 08:36 PM

I hate to ask this question, but if anyone can answer it, you can!

How do I know when to throw something out?

Lots of things are obvious, such as food marked with expiration date and other perishables. What about:

Jar of kalamata olives in red wine vinegar
Jar of saurkraut
Condiments such as:
peanut butter
fish sauce!?
hard cheese that is old but not moldy

Produce such as:
As long as they look ok, are they?

Is it dangerous to eat things like butter or eggs that are past the expiration date? I use my eyes and nose to tell me they're still safe to eat - is this a bad idea?

What about refrigerated peanut oil and other oil that it is not refrigerated like olive and canola - sniff test ok?

I have always been afraid to buy/use prechopped jarred garlic because I am afraid it will rot and I will use it without realizing. It seems like the shelf life of a chopped veggie would be a few days - not long enough to make purchasing the jarred stuff worthwhile. This can't be true, but what is the shelf life after you open the jar!?

Any good links you can recommend that will give a method to the madness?


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