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Least expensive hotel for pesach

MartyB | Mar 6, 200807:06 AM

I am looking for the least expensive, or a very reasonable priced Pesach program.

Requirements are.
(1)Daily minyan, a shir or two during shabbos/yom tov would be nice.
(2)Three square meals a day, a kiddush after davening for shabbos/yom tovim would be nice.
(3)Tea room would be nice, 24 hour NOT required.
(4) Not far from NYC since I do not need to factor in air fare and this way I can use my car.

I do not require any extras or entertainment, I have a car, gps, and can drive to anything that I want to do.

There must be a market for people who don't want the cooking, shopping cleaning etc that goes along with making pesach at home. I am looking for a home away from home, not a five star vacation.

Years ago there was a hotel called the Lakehouse Hotel. My family went there, 6 people, two rooms; cost us $2,000 for pesach. Two years ago I had my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter stay at the Prima Kings in Jerusalem for pesach, half board, for a total of $1,300. It’s a shame air fare to Israel is so high during pesach since there are such great deals over there.

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