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Excellent Vege-out at Suliko- Steeles and Dufferin

Vinnie Vidimangi | May 8, 201511:45 AM    

An excellent and cheap vege-out at Suliko. One wouldn't expect it. Most of the customers are Russian and lets put it this way, Russians don't eat quiche. But Suliko is Georgian as is Tamara one of the chef- owners. Georgians are Asiatic, Georgia's climate is excellent and fruit and vegetables are a big part of the Georgian diet. (I am told that many fruit and vegetable businesses in Russia are Georgian owned.)

So it was easy when I went for lunch with my friend. He has been a veg since childhood and is militant. His parents came to England from southern Ukraine about a hundred years ago. Here's what we had. All dishes were to share. Portions are large- Georgians eat communally.
- buns shish a la aish - a skewer through them, then on the grill, at my request.
- Suliko salad- sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, red onions, dill, lots of cilantro, parsley, red wine and olive oil with black pepper dressing. And yes, the tomatoes had been nurtured to ripeness.
- eggplant rolls- filled with walnuts, garlic, dill, cilantro and pomegranate seeds. They usually are served cold from the fridge. I don't like the feel of cold oil so I ask that they be warmed up. Let them go back down to room temperature.
- beet borscht. I asked for a second (empty) bowl in order to share. Companion mixed in sour cream.
- kashe (buckwheat) two ways- side order-
- blini deconstructed. I asked for a big bowl. I put in some of the kashe in the middle, then put in on either side what I brought in, maslanka (butter milk yoghurt) and smoked salmon scraps (Yummy Market, 500gm $8.00).
- grilled salmon, with mashed potatoes complemented with my maslanka and the chopped herbs which I requested. Balance of kashe. I prefer maslanka, 3.2% bf and tart, to now-a-days sour cream.

I forgot to get for dessert a poppy seed bun from Yummy market, but it wasn't needed.

What I listed sounds like a good meal for one. However it s ample for two men with good appetites and a lady. Burp- no lady present.
Delicious. Like your mother thought that she could cook.
Total - $34.35 pretax.
BYOB free, BYO birthday cake etc free, BYO maslanka and smoked salmon free but don't push this one too much. (smoked salmon is not on the menu -it's not Georgian)
Like wow, man.
Then there is the regular $10 three course fresh cooked daily lunch special. Usually a fish or meat option. Meal of the day. A true Chowfind.

There are other veg dishes on the menu. I don't like all of them. So my suggestion. Have it my way the first time.

Suliko Restaurant
Yummy Market
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