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This evening at Christos-Hasapa Taverna


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This evening at Christos-Hasapa Taverna

Steve | Nov 4, 1999 11:48 PM

I went this evening with my wife and my parents visiting from Florida to Christos-Hasapa Taverna in Astoria per reccomendations I saw on this board. Had originally wanted hip italian (see thread on manhattan board) but thought a trip to Astoria would be fun for them... Wanted to let everyone know how it went. We made a reservation for 8pm, when we got there the place was pretty empty. I thought the atmosphere of the place was really nice, and decorated very warmly. The older man who greeted us when we walked in was very nice, but our waiter was not very nice at all. He came over to the table to ask us if we wanted a drink, and we started to ask him about the wines, and he just like disappeared into thin air...a real character to say the wife couldn't wait to get home to draw a caricature of him (she is an artist)...try to imagine this one....very Saturday Night Live...whatever you asked for he would sort of arch his back and stick his butt out, and have this very disturbed look on his face, where one hoped he wasn't going to spit on our that was really bizarre, and well not the most pleasant way to start a meal. It was kinda strange, because my wife, and my parents are super warm and talkative people, and waiters always love them...but we plowed forward hoping for the best. For the wine we chose a greek wine, a white Retsina which everyone liked except my wife who found it acidicly (is that a word?) bitter and musty tasting. We ordered a large greek salad...everyone liked it. It was very fresh, beautiful tomatoes, cucumbers, tasty olives, could have used some more feta, very nice light dressing...mixed greens with raddichio. Cost was a bit high considering it had little feta and no grape leaves. But at least it tasted fresh and very crispy. We ordered spinach pie and it was a bit soggy, nothing spectacular. By the way, my wife makes the best, and I mean the best spinach pie. Unbelievably light and absolutely no grease, and beautiful fluffy layers of phyllo, with fresh spinach and french feta I am bit spoiled when it comes to this particular dish...ok..sorry to digress... Back to the meal...Since my mother and my wife order their steak the same way they split the porterhouse for two which they ordered medium well- closer to medium for $42. I ordered the filet mignon for $17.95, which I ordered medium rare, and my father ordered the filet mignon and ordered it medium well. It comes with lemon roasted potatoes and french fries. The porterhouse arrived cooked fairly properly, although my wife had wished it was a bit more medium and less well. My fathers filet mignon looked more well than med well, and my filet which was supposed to be med rare was med well. Well I called the waiter over, and I said to him, "I am sorry, but I don't think this is med rare, and he says to me, "Cut into it some more, I do, and he can obviously see it's totally well done. Well needless to say I cannot stand to eat meat that isn't red to pink. So the waiter makes his annoyed look, and takes it back, and we wait for the replacement. In the meantime, my wife and my mother were enjoying the porterhouse, and my father said he liked his filet mignon...the lemon potatoes were the best thing so far, they were really delicious, and the french fries were perfect as well. The porterhouse was tender, but my wife was right it was cooked a bit too much. Back mr. friendly comes with my steak and he says cut into it, well this time it was basically raw...and I said please put it back just for a little bit more...well he loved that...he was just so unpleasant..I mean it was obvious someone was making bad mistakes in the kitchen...anyway it arrived a few minutes later, and luckily it was just right this time. Although by this time, my wife is sure they've probably sabotaged it in some way...but I ate it and thought it was delicious....We didn't stay for dessert because we went over to Kolonaki on Broadway..thought about trying Stamatis per Jim Leff's suggestions for dessert but we were tired, and had been to Kolanaki before with good results. Had a delicous apple pie dessert...really great, and my wife had a perfect cappacino, and we got an assortment of greek pastries, all were pretty good but I prefer takeout at Titan for the greek stuff...I would reccomend Christos, but I would definitely make yourself crytal clear about how you want your steak cooked, which I did...with unfortunately lousy results and alot of attitude...but it seems like if they get it cooked right, it's a good place..because steak prices were very reasonable and portions were fine.

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