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Episode 2, Ilimination Challenge, What would you have cooked?

Caroline1 | Mar 21, 200806:42 AM

I can't say that the producers and/or staff of this show are very lucid about setting out their rules. Nevertheless, the rules they did set out are:

Make a dish using only five ingredients

Salt, pepper, sugar, and oil do not count as an ingredient.

My problem with these rules is what comprises "oil." At one point they did list safflower oil or olive oil. But what about sesame oil, or butter, especially drawn butter which is an animal oil? And even more befuddling, what about water? No mention anywhere of water.

Well, with these "rules," such as they are, and assuming water can be used freely without counting as an ingredient and that butter counts as an oil, what would you have made?

Me? Unless I found something that blew me way off track while shopping, I would have made an omlette. My five ingredients would have been eggs, tomatoes, zucchini, garlic, and cheese. Either a really great Swiss type of cheese, or a mellow pecroino Romano. I'd make a filling with the tomatoes and thinly sliced zucchini with just a hint -- a very important hint -- of garlic. Standard three egg omlette with about half an egg shell of water and some salt with white pepper if they have it, otherwise skip the black flecks in the eggs. Stuff the omlette with the filling and some shaved cheese, fold (do not roll) to serve, and garnish with a bit of shaved cheese around the plate and one perfect tomato rose.

Probably wouldn't win with it because the guest judge is in to all that molecular stuff. But I think it would score points with Colichio, and probably Padma, if for no other reason than an omlette is a classic among classics. Oh, and I do get rave reviews on my omlettes. Not that I'd brag about it, or anything like that. '-)

Give it some thought and tell us what you would have cooked. We may outshine the "cheftestants!"

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