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Really enjoying Archer Farms Fair Trade & Direct Trade coffees @ Target

katydid13 | Dec 12, 201109:07 AM

Are any other Hounds enjoying these? I decided to try a couple recently & was very pleasantly surprised, particularly by the Fair Trade Guatemalan and the Direct Trade El Salvador Buena Vista. I've also enjoyed the Organic Tierra Del Sol, but the Guatemalan has become a real favorite. My preferred method is iced French press, which I "brew" on my countertop overnight in a standard French press pot, but they also stand up well to automatic drip method and hot French press. I have to say, these light roast coffees have been a revelation to me, as most specialty coffees that are widely available seem to be dark roast. These are a pleasure to drink black, and I can't say that about too many dark roast coffees. They're also more affordable than a lot of the better-than-average coffees out there. I know prices vary at Target depending on location, but these are typically about $7.50 for a 10 oz. bag of beans; the El Salvador is a bit pricier at $8.99. Prices are always marked down when the fresher roasts come in. (I reach to the back of the row of bags to get the fresher stuff.) They also have a more expensive ($14.99) Cup of Excellence international prizewinner that's packaged in a metal box, but I haven't yet sprung for that. I hope Target continues to carry these!

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