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Pork Tomatoes Empanadas

Empanadas filled with pork and tomato


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Empanadas filled with pork and tomato

PirateICE | Sep 7, 2012 11:19 AM

Hello, Pirate Ice here.

I dated this guy who was a real jerk. He called himself a "spaniard" when he was really a Long Island half jewish second generation Puerto Rican. He's big on the (tiny) DC Metro scene now as a club kid calling himself Master Skywolf and leading young ladies around on leashes. We did not part on good terms.

However, he did make some really good empanadas with a crisp golden crust that dripped with ruby red pork fat. I thought, "Yea, I live in the era of the Internet. I will find this recipe, no problem."

Unfortunately when I search for empanadas online I keep finding chicken empanadas, veggie empanadas, and monstrocities of cinnamon sugar filled with fruit. Nothing has a similar pastry crust. I try to remember how he made them but it's all a blur due to the trauma of dating the twerp. Please, Chowhounds, help me find closure by helping me to locate this recipe!

Pirate Ice.

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