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Help elevating a hodgepodge recipe

Sarah0768 | Feb 8, 201909:58 AM     14

I threw together a dinner last night. I roasted chicken thighs over cut up yellow potatoes, sliced white onions, and stove top charred jalapenos. Before putting it in the oven, I added a few knobs of butter, some black pepper, coarse salt, and dried oregano. The oven was set to 420 F, and I cooked everything until the potatoes were tender. I sauteed some broccoli with a bit of olive oil on high heat for a few minutes (I didn't put the broccoli in the oven because I high heat for a few minutes (I didn't put the broccoli in the oven because I was worried it would be overcooked or that it would still be tough but burnt). I chopped some fresh dill and sprinkled it over the roast when it came out of the oven. I served the roast and the broccoli all together in large bowls so that hopefully the broccoli would pick up some of the flavor.

My husband and I found this dish satisfying which I guess what is most important; particularly the roasted jalapenos. However, I want to improve my cooking. Does dill really go? Should I have used a different herb? You all that are skilled at cooking, what ingredients could I switch around to make this a more coherent dish? What techniques could improve how I cooked the chicken, potatoes, onions, jalapenos, and broccoli to make the dish tastier? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks so much!

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