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Edina, MN: Ginger Asian Bistro


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Edina, MN: Ginger Asian Bistro

ma'at | Dec 10, 2005 11:48 AM

I'm rather new to the board, but have lurked and benefited for quite some time from all the more educated folk around, so thought it time I contributed something .. . .

Just tried the Ginger Asian Bistro at 49 1/2 st. and France S in Edina, MN, home formerly of Giorgio's.

They have a lot of kinks to work out.

No liquor license yet, despite the advertisement of it as a restaurant and wine bar. And no idea when they'll get it. As the waitress noted, if they don't have it by New Year's, the place will be empty. (This is curious, since Salut Americain just opened down the street, too, and must already have its liquor license since it has wine listed on its menu on its website).

Incredibly long wait for food - and we put in our appetizer order long before we ordered our entrees. And waiting without a glass of wine is not a good idea. Tea just doesn't cut it, no matter how cold it is outside.

Appetizers were marginally ok. Had the potstickers,which would have benefited from a much more flavorful sauce, particularly since they had been steamed and so were still a little watery. At least they were a good size. Also had the lettuce roll ups (cannot remember the actual menu name). Which were ok, and definately enough for 4 people to share, except for the miniscule amount of sauce provided.

3 of us had fish entrees. One was a shrimp entree, and the person who ordered noted the miniscule amount of shrimp. One as the fiery basil fish dish, but they were all out of walleye, so our guest was offered sole. Which was deemed good, and certainly there was lots of fish there. The third dish was the salmon dish, which was deemed, so-so to not that great.

I had the beef chow fun noodles. Again, only so-so could have benefited from a more flavorful sauce. They were rather bland, despite the amount of scallions that seemed to be included with them. There was certainly enough of them, and they were basically the right consistency. I couldn't finish them all, so will probably douse them in some sauce I have in the fridge at home for lunch.

Again, it took forever to get the entrees. It was particularly frustrating when the waitress came out and said, "You'll have your entrees right up as soon as we know whether to do the chow fun with beef or chicken (she had forgotten to ask when I ordered and I forgot to mention it). But then it still took a good 20 minutes for our entrees to show up!

And they were completely unapologetic, and didn't offer us anything to make up for the slow service. We didn't push it; the service was not rude, just clueless and we're not the kind of folk to raise a fuss unless someone has been actively rude.

The waitress said the place was full upstairs - there were certainly people in the place when we came and left, but hard to know if that's just people trying the new place.

The place is nice inside, and food presentation was good, but they have a lot of kinks to work out before they'll be successfull. Right now I'm not inclined to go back, nor can I recommend it to anyone.

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