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Eating for England - Nigel Slater [Moved from U.K./Ireland board]

Harters | Feb 28, 200804:01 AM

Just finished this and found it generally a charming read (although, unusually for Slater, a tad patronising at times) .

No recipes but a series of little snippets about products and other things Brit-foodie. It will be generally meaningless to anyone who has not grown up in the UK (or lived here for some time), as many of the products, etc, mentioned will be unknown outside these shores.

Biscuits and sweets feature heavily as in a couple of paragraphs as to whether an Abbey Crunch is better than a Hobnob.Or in describing his father's mood by which box of chocolates he had brought home - as in a Terry's All Gold for "special occasions" (obviously!!). Or mentioning the social gaffe that is invoked by returning the empty little paper envelope to the box of After Eights

But perhaps the key for whether the potential reader will find it meaningfull or meaningless is his description as to the art of eating a KitKat "before some unimaginative clot decided to repackage it

- slide the bar from its open-sided wrapper without tearing the wrapper
- do not puncture the gossamer-thin foil
- gently rub your finger over each finger of chocolate to reveal the word "KitKat"
- slide your thumbnail down the first of the valleys in between the chocolate fingers, thus tearing the foil (It is important to tear the foil in a straight line, and to keep the edges of the tear as smooth as possible)
- eat finger by finger, breaking off a new one as you go, rather than all at once."

There was, of course, no other way to eat to KitKat. Did it resonate for you?


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