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Please help ... how do you eat RELISH?


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Please help ... how do you eat RELISH?

ipse dixit | Jun 8, 2006 02:18 PM

I've got about 5 gallons (yes, "gallons") of relish sitting at home.

I need "new" uses for relish.

So far, I've already tried the following:

1. relish and congee
2. relish and oatmeal
3. relish and peanut butter sandwich
4. relish in bean burrito
5. relish on pizza
6. relish on my "dan dan mein"
7. relish as salad dressing
8. relish in my chili
9. relish and mandu
10. relish with my "char siou bao"
11. relish on hash browns
12. relish and scrambled eggs
13. relish and wasabi combo for my sushi
14. relish on toasted bagel
15. relish and yogurt combo with naan
16. relish in mac 'n cheese
17. relish, straight up

Any other ideas? Uses?

And, does relish spoil?

(btw, I've already donated 10 gallons to a local food shelter/bank, and I'd like to at least partake in some of this relish myself ...)


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