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What to eat at Red Lobster? Yes, I'm desperate - No, I'm not kidding


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What to eat at Red Lobster? Yes, I'm desperate - No, I'm not kidding

Laughing Goddess | Nov 5, 2003 02:22 PM

Before anyone reaches out to slap me upside the head, there's an explanation for my question.

I'm from Massachusetts and have been living in NW Arkansas for the past 4 1/2 years. Usually I get home twice a year and stuff myself silly with lobster, clams, etc. But this year, (the Evil Year of Unemployment, I'm calling it), I haven't been able to get home, and it doesn't look like I'll get there for Christmas, either.

So -- I'm dying without seafood, and Red Lobster has been looking better and better to me for the past few weeks. Is there any real lobster there? I was in one once ten years ago and it was a miserable experience (ordered a lobster/pasta dish that was served with some strange reconstituted lobsterish stuff).

But if they have actual live lobsters in tanks, that can't be so bad, right?

(I'm expecting that clams and mussels will be out of the question, as those will have been frozen. Am I right?)

Will I just hate it and be even more homesick?

What are the prices like for live lobsters? I'm sure I'll be shocked. :-(

Is there anyone from New England who has had lobster at a midwest Red Lobster that can give me some advice?



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