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How do you eat gjeit ost?

Passadumkeg | Mar 13, 201004:52 AM

This morning my wife and I were having a Norwegian frukost bord or breakfast table; a kind of breakfast smorgosbord. I used to live on the west coast of Norway, loved the experience and memories and enjoyed the foods from herring to shrimp to cured lamb's leg or fenelaar spekekjott. I learned that the sweet goat cheese, gjeit ost, is to Norwegian children what peanut butter is to American kids and have seen it made up in a mountain sheepherder's shack. We only eat gjeit ost in the traditional Norsk manner, thinly sliced w/ our ost hovel (cheese knife) on top of a piece of buttered flat bread (knekkebrod) topped w/ warm slices of hard boiled egg. We were wondering how Americans with no knowledge of Norwegian cuisine eat it. I have heard a lot of negative comments about gjeit ost and can partially understand why, so please limit the "what I don't like about gjeit ost" to the plethora of "I don't like...." threads. Thanking you in advance.
ps There are much better brands than Ski Queen.

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