Coffee & Tea 2

What am I going to drink?

soccermom13 | Oct 1, 2017 07:16 AM

For two weeks running, I've had a very hard time finding Starbucks decaf Sumatra coffee beans, which I regard as essential for (my) life. Finally I ran into a knowledgeable manager at the Starbucks close to Rosedale (north of Hwy 36) who said they have not been able to get it for two weeks and are not sure when they will get it. She added that there has been no official notification that Starbucks will no longer be selling Sumatra Decaf, so there is hope.

But I am not sure what to do in the meantime. Can anyone suggest terrific, heavy-bodied decaf beans I can purchase in Mpls-St. Paul? I am willing to travel anywhere in the metro.

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