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Is this your "dream" food label?


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Is this your "dream" food label?

ipsedixit | Oct 13, 2012 09:00 PM

From Bittman at the NYT: "My Dream Food Label"

The op-ed piece begins thusly:


WHAT would an ideal food label look like? By “ideal,” I mean from the perspective of consumers, not marketers.

Right now, the labels required on food give us loads of information, much of it useful. What they don’t do is tell us whether something is really beneficial, in every sense of the word. With a different set of criteria and some clear graphics, food packages could tell us much more.

Even the simplest information — a red, yellow or green “traffic light,” for example — would encourage consumers to make healthier choices. That might help counter obesity, a problem all but the most cynical agree is closely related to the consumption of junk food.

Picture below is an example of what Bittman speaks of.

Is this your dream food label? It certainly isn't mine.

Read the full thing for yourself:

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