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The Dreaded Mango!


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The Dreaded Mango!

sivyaleah | Jun 18, 2006 07:51 PM

I love mangoes. Adore them. But forgot what trouble they can get me into.

See, I'm allergic to the skin. It's something I don't think a lot of people are aware of but the skin of mangoes is a known allergen. I found this out years ago while living in Florida. My next door neighbor had a giant mango tree and each summer a lot of the fruit would fall into my yard - a much appreciated bonus.

The first summer living there, I kept wondering why I was walking around with what seemed like a perpetual rash around my mouth. Eventually I put two and two together and contacted to the dots to the mango munching. Found out about the skin being similar to poison ivy to some people.

So, I've totally avoided whole mangoes since then. But of course, indulged in the occassional mango lassi or precut chunk from the market.

The other day, I bought some precut from my local store. Well, apparently either there was some skin still attached to it, or the oils from the skin somehow were on the packaging. Of course I have no way of knowing exactly what the story is/was.

I ate it on Thursday. Friday morning I woke up with a huge rash covering 1/2 my face. I was mystified at that time, so was the doctor. I didn't connect the two until about an hour ago.

So I go online to research only to find out that indeed mangoes are totally related to poison ivy - sumac family infact as are cashews and pistachio nuts too. They can have a cross over effect allergy-wise.

All I know is now I feel like I can't eat them at all and I'm so bummed out! At least I'm ok with cashews and pistachio nuts!


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