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where to draw the line on "authentic"?


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where to draw the line on "authentic"?

j8715 | May 1, 2011 11:22 AM

I recently was served mussels, chicken shrimp and kielbasa in italian red sauce over some butter rice. I had order jambalaya.

As ridiculous as the meal sounds, it wasn't half bad. I was expecting the kielbasa because this wasn't even trying to be a cajun or creole restaurant and its a much easier to find in this area, but man they didn't even try to make jambalaya.

I know chili is another thing that isn't really a standardized recipe, but I think it goes without saying that chocolate, penne, italian sausage, snake meat, corn, coconuts etc don't belong in chili. If you have ever been to an amateur chili cookoff, you would know this isn't common knowledge apparently.

So how strict are you? I am semi strict with chili. anything aside from beans is too many extraneous ingredients. I would be especially interested in hearing northerners ordering bagels, philly cheese steak, chowder etc in the south and what they got.

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