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Downhill alert - Sichuan Gourmet's Long Wonton Soup


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Downhill alert - Sichuan Gourmet's Long Wonton Soup

applehome | Jul 11, 2005 10:05 PM

This has been written about before. Sichuan Gourmet's, (the one I go to is Billerica - if someone has had a similar experience in Framingham, please chime in), chicken broth has been watered down since about March - they either switched chefs or otherwise made a conscious decision to go to a less expensive broth.

But now, they've gone one step further. My guess is that they received some complaints about the soup being flavorless. They have now added spinach and cilantro to the watered down broth! This just ticks me off!! I had take-out so I didn't know until I got home - when I took that plastic container out and saw the dark green in there, I knew there was a problem.

On my next trip, I will speak to the nice lady (she's the only one up front since the guy left, presumably to open up Framingham). I will make sure that she knows how much I used to like the soup, and how much I dislike it now, despite the delicious, slurpy wontons. I will make sure that she knows that I'm willing to pay extra to get the good stuff - but I'm not willing to pay anything at all to get the watered down stuff - even with Spinach and Cilantro thrown in!

Great chicken broth is rare in restaurants - it's just one of those things that is too easy to thin down and/or add boullion or concentrate. Great broth is just full of flavor - it hasn't been completely degreased, it is rich and just so tasty. The stuff that comes out of cans or can be made from concentrate is useful as a base when making other soups or sauces and gravies - but when you want the real thing, you have to start with a raw chicken and make it from scratch. And you can't dilute it to hell!

Oh well... rant over for now... I'll make sure the manager/owner hears her share.

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