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how many doses to harmony?


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how many doses to harmony?

Daniel C | Jan 30, 2002 05:39 PM

I was reading Grace Young's The Wisdom of the Chinese Kitchen with great interest, and have reached the chapter on Cooking As a Healing Art. In this chapter, Ms. Young describes how eating a balance of yin and yang foods is fundamental to good health. In particular, when consumption of rich, fatty, spicy, and other such yang foods is great, the imbalance will cause the like of colds, skin problems, and other ailments.

To counter such an imbalance, yun (soothing) foods are needed to cleanse the system and restore harmony. Even when no signs of imbalance are evident, consuming yun foods serve as a preventative measure.

Most yun foods are soothing, moist, and smooth soups, and they are not necessarily medicinal. Ms. Young gives recipes for many that are simply vegetable, fruit-, legume-, or nut-based soups, or jook (congee). Almost all the recipes require no more than a few ingredients and a lot of slow simmering.

So here's the thing: Like everything, yun foods should also be taken in moderation. In all her recipes for yun foods, she ends each with the likes of "no more than [so much] cup(s) per person."

And thus, my questions:
How soon and how often can one take another dose? (Once a day? Once every four hours while symptoms persist?)
Can or should one take another dose?
Can one have, say, Walnut Soup early in the day and Ching Bo Leung Soup later that day?
If one consumes yun foods regularly as a preventative measure, how often is regular, and when is it too much?

I know, too many questions. Sorry.

Any Chinese-medicinal-minded, food-as-medicine, homeopathic-leaning Hound out there willing to set me straight on this?

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