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NEW: Dong Bei Style food @ Little Shen Yang Restaurant, Union City report

hhc | Sep 3, 200808:52 PM     3

We wanted to eat Korean but LA Sokongdong Soon Tofu in Union City is Gone! Closed up shop & left. In it's place is Little Shen Yang Restaurant which is a Chinese restaurant with Dong Bei Style food. Today was their first day 9/3/08. Didn't have my camera with me.


I'm not sure what makes it Dong Bei but we ordered lots.

There's 96 items in the $5.50 price. Items 97-130 are $6.50; Lots of Lotus Leaf dishes for $5.95; and More Dong Bei food at $6.95; Sizzling Plates for $6.95; and more items in the $7.50-$12.95 group.

For 2 people we ordered only 5 dishes:

Little Shen Yang Braised Spareribs for $5.50- these are really taste, not very attractive lots of pork and the bones are kinda covered up with the meat. Very tender & juicy.

Dry Sauteed String Bean $5.50-huge pile of string beans, pretty good.

Chicken rice w/ curry sauce wrapped in lotus leaf $5.95-lots of chicken pieces, not much curry sauce w/ baby corn, onions & steamed white rice. Just ok.

Dong Bei Style Pork in Clay Pot $6.95 - very tiny cuts of pork w/ the fat & skin & some meat. I loved the sauce & the flavor of the meat. Didn't care for the pork skin.

Spicy Boiled Beef $6.95- huge pot of ma la beef. More ma then la. Very challenging to eat. Hubby thought it was tingly & spicy. I agree. Not my favorite. Too spicy for me.

Lots of leftovers.

These are dishes recommended to me to try next time:
Dong Bei style bean curd (fried) $5.5
Szechuan style spicy chicken $5.5
pot fried pork bun $5.5
Chinese pan cake $5.5
spicey (sic) & cumin seed lamb $6.95
spicy fish fillet w/ bean curd $6.95
fish fillet w/ wine sauce $7.5
Dong Po Pig Feet meat $12.95

CASH ONLY! Our total $30.85 + $2.7 tax = $33.55 Before Tip.

Open daily 11am-9:30pm

Little Shen Yang
1749 Decoto Rd, Union City, CA 94587

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