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Doggy Bag ... sub rosa style. A big "no-no"?

ipsedixit | Sep 2, 2009 09:35 AM

Is it ever ok to take home food secretly without letting the restaurant know about it?

I'm not talking about taking food that you did not order or pay for; rather, I'm talking about food that (1) you've ordered (2) paid for (3) have not finished (4) but the restaurant will not bag it up for you as a matter of policy.

Here's why I ask.

At a recent happy hour at chain steakhouse, one of us ordered the happy hour burger (which was darn good by the way). It was a big burger and could not be finished. Our companion wanted to take the rest home.

Server said could not bag up any food off the bar menu (or for that matter could not order any food "to go" from the bar menu).

Makes sense of course. The bar menu is deeply discounted and a loss leader used to entice people to order drinks -- a high margin item. The "no doggy bag" or "take out" rule prevents abuse by customers.

That said, would you frown on someone who grabbed a stack of napkins, and wrapped up the uneaten burger, put it in their purse, as their own little sub rosa doggy bag?

Your thoughts?

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