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Disturbing Show on TV 5 Monde Regarding Food Industry in France


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Disturbing Show on TV 5 Monde Regarding Food Industry in France

jarona | May 13, 2011 12:34 PM

Wednesday evening my fiance and I were watching a magazine show on the french channel (TV 5 Monde). It was interesting and disturbing. The entire hour and a half plus was devoted to the french food industry and a couple of other topics--one about a 14 year old boy who died after consuming a burger at one of the Quick fast food restaurants. Then there was a vignette about how the fine french cuisine is not as good as it used to be. Then--and the most disturbing was the subject of pre-made "gourmet" meals that are delivered to various bistros, cafes, and restaurants throughout France. It was discussed that you cannot tell the difference between one of these pre-made meals and the meal a chef prepares. The cameras even went into a restaurant where pre-packaged Beef Bourginon was served. The owner of the restaurant validated this by stating that it knocked off a lot of the prep time. I was shocked.
Anyway, they went on to say that if you go to a restaurant/cafe, etc. in France and there are wayyyy too many items on the menu--chances are a good number of them are pre-packaged.
I'm really bummed now. I'm going to France next month and will be very wary of where I have lunch. ( We have most of our dinners at home but the restaurants we do go to have food cooked on-site). Honestly, I was shocked. Did anyone else see this?

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