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Jim Leff | May 14, 2002 02:51 PM

Not sure why we've never before covered this subject. I have, over the years, met an enormous number of physically disabled chowhounds who use ingenuity and drive (the same qualities that make them chowhounds to begin with!) to overcome limitations and chowhound effectively. I met a guy with very advanced MS who couldn't walk at all or talk very well, but he was more "up" on local chowhoundish faves than almost anyone I know. He could talk knowledgably (though with mechanical difficulty) Turkish in Brooklyn, pizza in Connecticut, the hippest of the hip. I've met dwarves with glass bone disease intrepidly trekking beer meccas in Belgium. One of the most savvy and experienced hounds in Queens is blind (he's also cooked his way through every major French cookbook). Etc etc.

I've also met a few disabled hounds who insist that they just can't get the logistics together to get out and eat much. Which bums me out. In fact, we just heard from one such hound on our SF board.

So: what are the tricks? Or what are the barriers you think you can't overcome? Let's put our minds together. This site is all about swapping strategies to overcome obstacles to find the good stuff, so what could be more chowhoundish than to brew up ingenious ways to overcome disabled issues to get around and about? Or to get food sent in? Or whatever needs to be done to include a goodly amount of deliciousness in your life.

We have a strict rule against using multiple nametags, but I'll suspend it for this one thread if anyone would prefer to post under alias (physical attribute descriptions...disabled or otherwise....are not necessarily info everyone wants to share in an online discussion).


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