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How Often to You Go Out To Dinner....and Why?


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How Often to You Go Out To Dinner....and Why?

DaisyM | Sep 16, 2010 10:17 AM

When I lived in the city and everything was within walking distance, I was eating out almost every night. Most of the places that I frequented were ethnic or comforting neighborhood places.

Now that I'm married and live in the burbs and we have to drive everywhere, I really only want to go out if it is going to be a "great" meal. (I can do "good" at home.)

I'd say we now only go out to dinner 2 times a month. But when we do, we eat and spend with abandon. When we go on vacation, there is a huge focus on dining. And we even do vacations that are based on dining at a specific restaurant (Inn at Little Washington next month).

Just wondering what everyone else is doing and if your dining out habits have change significantly because of the stage of your life or the economy.

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