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Dim Sum at Dragon Dynasty - Could be some of GTA's best!

Charles Yu | Apr 6, 2012 02:26 PM

This is my second effort in posting this review since my wife accidentally deleted my first draft!!! Sigh!!

Second week in a row, I spend part of the weekend trying out some of the better Dim Sum in the GTA. Last week was an early-bird gathering of chowfriends at Yang's whilst this week was a family affair at Dragon Dynasty.

For those of you who have not been, this restaurant is one of those rare breed that still retains the traditional 'cart service' augmented by 'special dishes' menu sheets. BTW, they have eliminated their phone reservation service for Dim Sum luncheon. So, its first come first serve basis! Arriving at 11.20 am, our wait time was 45 minutes. Reasonable, considering its an ultra-busy Good Friday weekend!

From the Cart Service, we ordered:
- Har Gow
- Steamed Chicken Feet and peanuts in house special sauce
- Braised beef innards and tripe with turnips
- Crispy seafood salad rolls
- Coconut and red beans pudding
- Egg custard tarts
- Molten egg yolk custard buns
- Fluffy 'Ma Lai' sponge cakes

From the Special menu, we ordered:
- Stirred fry rice roll 'Cheung Fun' with dried shrimp and scallions. Hoi sin and Sesame sauce accompaniment
- Fried Glutinous rice with eggs, dried shrimps and diced Chinese preserved meats and sausages.
- Stirred fry clams with black bean sauce.

First off, I am pleased to say that I have finally encountered Har Gow in Toronto that is worthy of praise! Taut and ultra-thin skin, the sweet and fresh tasting prawn filling was crunchy and juicy. IMHO, better than what Yang's, Casa's, Brilliant, Regal16..... have to offer!

Next on my praise list was the Fried glutinous rice. Super tasty and generous in the key ingredients, this huge portion at only $7.50 was excellent value for money!

Almost all of our ordered dishes were deliciously prepared especially the desserts. The hot, silky smooth egg custard tarts were better than most .

Though lacking in artful plate presentation, however, this deficiency was more than compensated by the taste! All in all a most enjoyable experience!

Lastly, this was also the first time I noticed someone bringing a bottle of red wine to a Dim Sum luncheon!! IMO, I doubt the pairing would work! Not when that patron ordered lobster noodle and shrimp dumplings!!

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