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Devi - review

jacinthe | Feb 1, 2005 07:26 AM

Tuesday was an incredibly long day. Running around All Over The City in heels gave me barely enough time to eat lunch, and I didn’t get to sit down without being subjected to a presentation of some sort until dinner. That’s right. 8:30PM. I want to stay in school forever so that I don’t have to ever encounter this type of schedule.

Ah, but dinner. After a meeting at the local alumni club, my friend and I met up with other people at Devi. They got there well before us, so had ordered appetizers which we nibbled at while we ordered drinks.

This is a beautiful space. Just gorgeous, and unlike anything else I’ve seen in Manhattan (then again, I don’t go to many middle eastern/Indian type restaurants, so there might be others like this and I just don’t know). We were seated upstairs in the mezzanine.

It took forever to get drinks. We could see the bar, and on a Tuesday night the restaurant wasn’t *that crowded. The drink, when it finally did come, was amazing. I got the gin petal, this lovely light-pink drink served in one what seemed to be one of those stemless Riedel glasses – gin, lychee juice, roseflower water (and something else), with candied rose petals floating atop. It was nothing short of amazing. But back to the food. I have no idea what was ordered as appetizers, aside from the cauliflower dish – deep fried garlicky cauliflowered with some spiced tomatoey sauce. Sorry I can’t be more specific, but I can’t find a menu online to help with my descriptions. Other stuff was ordered, but I was so out of it and inattentive I just nibbled at whatever was before me.

Then entrees. I actually ordered another serving of the cauliflower for myself, because I liked it that much and wasn’t in the mood for anything else on the menu (on top of being tired, we had had some hors d’oeuvres while at the alumni club, which left me in a slightly-full state). Really, I usually don’t like cauliflower, but I was on a roll this week. Also ordered was the crispy fried okra – okra, thinly sliced and deep fried. Good if you like okra but don’t like it when it’s gooey. Bad if you like gooey okra. I thought it was too salty and had to eat it with a lot of rice. The stuffed eggplant was okay, but I’m not a big eggplant fan in general. This dish also had a mushy texture and I’m not a fan of mushy food. The only other thing I had was the lamb-stuffed naan, which was great. A couple of meat dishes were also ordered but I didn’t feel like tasting them, so I can’t say how they were.

For dessert, we got the mango cheesecake which was very good, as well as.. I don’t know what it was, vermicelli (which tasted and looked more like those clear noodles that you find in Vietnamese desserts) with.. something. There was sorbet, there were other fruit flavours, interesting is the best way to describe it. I actually ended up ordering another gin petal for my dessert, because yes, never have I been more in love with a drink.

I think the tab came to around $60/person, including tax and tip. It’s not a cheap restaurant. While I liked the food, it wouldn’t be enough to bring me back for a full meal. If you are going hoping for authentic Indian food, you will be disappointed, as it’s more Indian fusion with some odd twists. I would return, however, for a couple of gin petals and an order of the cauliflower.

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