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self-destructive bitter melon?


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self-destructive bitter melon?

epicure-us | Sep 4, 2002 12:01 PM

do bitter melons explode -- or did my cat do it?

they were almost pretty, a cross between a nubby gourd and a zuccini, but i guessed they were no longer edible when the two bitter melons on my counter started turning from green to yellow. i had left them out (just a day before they started to turn!) to encourage myself to take that leap of faith and cook them. ok, i'd waited too long, but last night i finally googled on the topic. only now one of them appears to have exploded!

is this an anomoly? and is the other one still ok? (does the yellow color indicate it's not good anymore?) the large seeds are a glistening red and there is hardly any flesh anymore that i can see in the "exploded" one -- possibly indicating over-ripeness...

i guess i'll just restock, and buy a larger cache this time. i'd feel better if i had a good recipe though - preferably vegetarian. any tips to reduce the bitterness and on prefered varieties (e.g., indian, chinese, etc.), of course, would be appreciated too.

all the best,

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