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Design of can openers

Howard-2 | Jun 17, 2003 02:37 PM

Does anyone have any solid info about the design of kitchen tools such as an opener for a can (removing the top, not a church-key type opener)?

In particular, I have a Swing-A-Way hand opener. The design of this thing tells me it's fairly substantial--nice, padded handles and a turning mechanism that's easy to grasp.

HOWEVER, the two handles of the thing no longer open and close smoothly. I see a bit of rust on the metal, but certainly not a lot; there *is* a bit more hinge in the area near the hinge. I assume that it's becoming more difficult to move the 2 handles because rust is building up on the inside and causing there to be less clearance.

I can understand that tool manufacturers want to minimize all their costs in manufacturing tools, but surely that can be done consistent with turning out a product that lasts for a while! I suspect I've probably had this can opener maybe 7 or 8 years; I have some can openers thst I've had longer, which are not as well-designed, but which have not deteriorated.

Anyone have any insights on this?

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