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Delicious Recipes for Diabetic Chowhounds???


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Delicious Recipes for Diabetic Chowhounds???

ideabaker | Jun 25, 2010 11:00 AM

After years of cooking a range of foods from around the world and relishing in assorted cooking techniques and a plethora of cooking styles and ingredients, I may soon be moving to a new home in which I will share responsibilities for cooking-- for a diabetic. I was looking forward to a new cooking challenge, until I just read the diabetic food rules in a Health Department brochure.

Suddenly, I've realised that my cream and butter based sauces, marinades including honey and salts (soy sauce), and other "go to" picker-uppers for food appear to be "no-no's". Looks like a lot of meats are off of the menu for the most part. Chicken is cost-prohibitive where I live (six thighs cost twenty dollars). Fish could work a couple of nights a week, but it is costly too. I think wine in recipes would have to go, not sure. Can't even replace wine with grape juice- sugar...

I've perused "diabetic" recipe books and online sources only to find their suggestions for meals, frankly, a bit bland and uninspiring. Is it possible that I am just looking for 'diabetic-friendly-recipe-love' in all the wrong places?

Last night, I dreamt that I was delighting in the camaraderie of my fellow Chowhounders here and you led me to the light! Why had I not thought of my beloved Chowhound before?

I ask in all humility and earnestness... is there such a thing as truly delicious diabetic main courses, side dishes, or even "football game" snacks that a cook like me would enjoy preparing and serving for friends? If so, would you please share them? This possible move to the world of dry and bland is a bit overwhelming and I need someone to kick-start my creativity in the diabetic dish department!

Thank you in advance for any suggestions, particularly specific winner recipes!

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