De Buyer Blue Steel Crepe pan seasoning

nofunlatte | Jun 5, 201205:03 PM     12

Just a couple of questions. I've read the two current de Buyer threads and am wondering if the seasoning methods are the same. My instruction booklet has me heating 1 cm of oil* for about 5 minutes, throwing the oil away, then just wiping with a paper towel. The instructions on the cardboard label have me browning potato peels with a "little fat or oil, so as to coat the pan a little", then throwing the oil away, and voila, my pan is ready. A de Buyer video on youTube has me boiling the potato peels in WATER for 15 minutes, then tossing the peels, adding a little oil, and wiping the pan with it (is the water thing to get rid of some coating?) This video is dated 2009. Currently, on the de Buyer web site, there is no mention of potato peels in water in the seasoning video. In both cases, the pan used was a fry pan, not the lower depth crepe pan. Then I've read some of the CH methods in the aforementioned threads. So, I'm a bit confused. I'd like to season this for crepes (and the occasional egg), but I don't want to burn my house down!

* seems like a bit much for this particular pan

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