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David Bouley on Charlie Rose


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David Bouley on Charlie Rose

greygarious | Aug 20, 2011 08:43 PM

He was interviewed the second half of the Friday 8/19 show, which will repeat in some markets on Monday. His new NYC restaurant, Brushstroke, is probably going to set a new trend with the concentration on Kaiseki, a formal Japanese dinner service that translates here as a prix fixe with no choices. There are MANY small courses which are organized in such a way as to maximize digestibility and satiety. One anecdotal report from a diabetic is that the dinner, including dessert, left him feeling great, with a low blood sugar reading. It was a very interesting segment although while I have come to expect even highly-regarded chefs to mispronounce words they should know (e.g. Michele Bernstein yesty on Simply Ming's pot [rhymes with spot, rather than poh] de creme), I was pretty shocked when he seemed to say molle-KYU-lar rather than molecular, Rose instantly repeating the word with its correct pronunciation. Bouley is a Connecticut native.

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