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My Daughter's School Assignment: Dinner for 4 @ $4

Steve | Mar 13, 201206:35 AM

My daughter shopped and cooked a dinner for a 7th grade American History class studying the Depression. The assignment was to make a dinner for 4 for $4 that included a protein. I took her shopping and helped her cook (she hurt her hand playing basketball), but she made the decisions. I offered her advice and my worldly guidance. Or as she likes to say, “my ‘wordy’ guidance.”

We went to Safeway and Grand Mart, an Asian supermarket both close to our house and each other.

This was the first time in a long while I gave such close scrutiny to the price of everything.

We wound up buying at Grand Mart. Broccoli was .79/lb (Safeway 2.60/lb).

She made chicken livers and onion, with sides of broccoli and pasta.

Here is what we bought:

.4lb Spanish Onion at .29 cents/lb (12 cents)
.4 lb broccoli at .79/lb (35 cents)
1.18 lb chicken livers at $2/lb ($2.35)
I lb bag cut ziti ($1.09)

From the pantry she used s&p, 2 tbsp oil, 1 tbsp cooking wine, 3 tbsp seasoned brown vinegar, 1 tbsp flour (the flour was my suggestion, the other ingredients she added a little at a time and tasted. She started off with the cooking wine, but decided to switch to vinegar for more flavor.)

The dinner turned out very well. Though I don’t really know how much protein is in chicken livers.

Aside from chicken livers, ground beef was the only meat we could buy that cheap per pound. Other animal ‘parts’ like tongue or oxtail, were a lot more! Safeway ground beef was $4.40 per pound. We could have spent less on the chicken livers if a butcher could put together just a one pound portion, but nobody was there at night.

We could have saved .09 cents at Safeway by buying $1 per pound pasta.

All in all, en eye opening experience.

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