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First Dates ...

kchurchill5 | Feb 23, 2009 08:47 AM

I may get moved for this and not sure where this belongs.

So ... a first date.
- Home cooked meal
- Dinner at a fancy restaurant
- An activity and dinner
- Or just coffee

There was a blog about coupon or not on a first date. I thought it was fine. I'm not opposed these days. Besides we could use the extra money to go out later and have fun. Impress on a first date. No, just be yourself and enjoy. Impressing too hard turns me off.

So the questions is ... what is a great first date?

For me a day out fishing and then going back to his place or mine and cooking a nice dinner with out catch of the day, a nice bottle of wine, maybe a movie a relaxing from the day.

Fancy dinner is a total turn off. A nice bike ride, sailing, and a cup of coffee, or visiting a festival or a winery is fun an not too much. A expensive dinner to me doesn't impress at all. Bowling and pizza would be fun. Not with a group, but just the two of you. Enjoy something you both do other than just eat.

Not just a fun first date it needs to involve food. A lunch or dinner picnic. What would you do to either impress your date or what would you want your date to do to impress you?

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