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the best dang chocolate/lusciousness in brussels.

ifaey | May 2, 200809:46 AM

Someone here, in another post, suggested a place in brussels for the best chocolates- or, as they're known here, pralines.

I had a day to kill, so I went ahead and trekked the two trains and long-ish walk to find out for myself just what the best pralines in Brussels taste like.


I.... I don't know what to say.

Floored. Speechless.

I've never before eaten anything that, on contact with my tongue, actually caused my heart to give a little leap.

That day, that's today. It just happened.

I have had the privilege of eating the most divine chocolates ever made, by anyone, anywhere.


The place: Brussels. The EXACT place: L'art de Praslin, Ave. du Roi Chevalier 67, 1200 Sint-Lambrechts, Belgium.

I wish it had been much, much farther and much, much more demanding a trip, to make me worthy of such sublimity.

Fresh cream and butter, oh yes, but so, so much more.

Creamy and rich and smooth and delicious and sweet but with the sweetness of real sugar and real cocoa and real EVERYTHING.

I suggest you get your plane tickets and make your hotel reservations as soon as humanly possible. This stuff is handmade and has no preservatives (to even SAY the word "preservatives" on the same page, in the same DOCument as these luscious bits of sensual divinity is a transgression), and it doesn't travel. It travels right down my GULLET, is where it travels.

Evangelistic atheists around the world, spread these babies among the faithful. God won't stand a chance.

Just ask the nice lady behind the counter to pick what she thinks is best. It'll be like asking DaVinci to send along whichever sketches are his favorite.

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