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MGZ | Mar 1, 201407:04 AM

I would've titled this thread "Pulsetaking the Zeitgeist", but I wanted somebody beside linguafood to read it.

The thing is, more and more, it has become palpable that there is a "bad vibe" in the air. The acrid smell of burnt sugar, the perfume of rotting durian, the stench of a spilled bong, have permeated my nostrils, soured my iron-coated stomach, as well as those of some other 'hounds with whom I have communications off the Site. Where does this weirdness come from? Under which floorboard does that hidden, evil heart beat? I don't recall such a cloud darkening in the virtual skies we share since the days in '08 when Jamie Dimon and his cronies got on their knees and unzipped Paulson's fly - "We will gladly pay you Tuesday for a few Billion today . . . ."

Fine. I see some things that are identifiable.

I mean, there is a recurring feature on "Pet Peeves". Clearly, that kind of message from the home planet can't be a positive reinforcement (I have a Pet Peeve, it's people bitching). There have been a bunch of comments by 'hounds concerning a feeling that there are others they want to "ignore" without even seeing what they've posted. Complaints about how individual posts that have been deleted are taken as affronts. Queries about how to disengage from those who won't stop barking, etc. There is also a growing lack of sense of humor when reading posts - not everything on a food geek exchange should be so serious, after all.

Look, I love you guys. I'll spar with any of you that wanna be assholes, but I do that with my own brother too. Pick on a defenseless, little Omega pup, and expect the Alpha 'hounds to howl. That's how packs work. It's just the dog in me, right George? At the end, we all break bread, lick wounds, and consider where to find the best bowl of kibbles.

Any other thoughts on the State of the Site? Any other temperature takers? Maybe we could turn my ramblings into a productive discourse? "Forgive me my trespasses . . . ." after all?

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