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Curious about Fukunomiya Sake

NAspy | Feb 16, 200810:30 AM

Hi All --

This is, I think my first posting on the Wine Board and I have great confidence that someone will be able to assist me in my curiousity. I have a general and specific question.

The mother of one of my daughter's friends is Japanese and seems somewhat traditional. Every time her daughter comes to our house or we have her do something with my daughter, she brings a gift. First question: is this standard cultural practice or is she just very generous?

Second question: yesterday she brought us a bottle of some very impressive looking sake (we were taking her daughter to Disneyland for the day). It is in a teardrop shaped bottle and has gold leaf floating throughout it. I understand the gold leaf is for good luck, and that this is to be served cold. The label reads "FUKUNOMIYA" and further indicates "produced by MIYAMOTOSHUZOUTEN."

I have run both these names on google and come up empty. Can someone out there let me know what it is we have so that I don't just pop it with a frozen Trader Joe's rice bowl? :) Should we have them over to dinner to share it?

BTW, when she came to pick her daughter up after the trip, she brought a box of six Beard Papa cream puffs. Again, is this standard? Should we have offered them one before they left? We feel remiss in not reciprocating when our kid goes somewhere with her kid, but truly don't know if we should or how that would be taken, etc.

Thank you!!

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