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Crixa Bakery – Halloween baked goods – so cute, so cute … so good

rworange | Oct 21, 200501:30 AM

Crixa has a few unique Halloween cookies

Shortbread fingers – complete with red painted nails
Grim Reaper and Skeleton Springerle Cookies

These latter are just beautiful white cookies that have ornate designs stamped on them. The link below is to the page with their heart Springerle Cookies. They were taking pictures of the Halloween cookies, so those might be on the website soon. They were really impressive.

Springerle have the lovely flavors of anise, orange blossom water and lemon and have a soft texture like a cake cookie. They are more than just showy.

I forgot Crixa could be so good. In addition to the Springerle, I bought their wonderful pumpkin pie, a slice of apple cranberry pie and a yeasty light bun, delicately iced, call a Horn of Damascus. This is such a typical Eastern European baked good

The delicious, tart Pippin apple cranberry pie with a buttery crust was like a cross between a galette and a pie. Although, I like a double crusted apple pie, this is one of the best apple pies ever. Crixa came out on top of a Bay Area apple pie tasting.

Crixa describes the Horn of Damascus as a “Tender, fine-grained and lightly sweet bun, flavored with orange blossom water and mahleb, a Syrian spice which evokes the scent of almond orchards in bloom.”

Between the springerle and the horn, the car was wonderfully fragrant on the ride home.

The horn, only available on Thursday, is one of a number of pastries that Crixa bakes on specific days. The website is updated daily about 10 am with the special baked goods for that day (but call to veryify).

There are egg-free items, flourless items and non dairy items. Orders for more than $50 can be delivered by courier for some steep charges.

Crixa has a little cafe where you can have coffee or tea with the baked goods. A few tables are on the sidewalk and there is Wi-Fi access.

The site has some interesting stories about the sweets. Check the link about the Rigo Jancsi cake. The site also links to some Halloween stories like that of Baba Yaga who has iron teeth. and in spite of a ferocious appetite, she is as thin as a skeleton … that witch.

Also, I always guessed the name Crixa was Hungarian for rabbit since the bunny is their logo, but it is Lapin for crossroads, of all things. As the site says:

“Lapin is the language of the rabbits in Richard Adam's novel Watership Down. In the book Crixa is the center of Efrafa, the rabbit warren. It is located at the crossing point of two bridle paths. In Berkeley, Crixa Cakes is at the crossroads of Adeline Street and Shattuck Avenue on the site of an old horse stable.”

Who knew?

Here’s their baking schedule. Check the website for other daily specials.

Bulochki -Sweet, Russian tea bun. Available Tuesday and Sunday.

Saffron Currant Bun - Available Friday and Saturday - maximum of 6 per customer.

Almond Cake with Raspberry - Available Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Vatroushka - Russian-style cheesecake of sweet curd cheese, sour cream and vanilla. Available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Chocolate Chip Cookie with Walnuts - Available Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Coconut Oatmeal Cookie - Available Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Almas retes - Apple strudel. Cinammon spiced sweet tart apples in hand-pulled thin thin layers of crunchy, buttery strudel dough. Slices available on weekends. A cheese version is also available.

Bread Pudding - vanilla or chocolate sponge cake, soaked with pots de cremé batter (a super-rich egg custard). Available Tuesday and Wednesday

Poppyseed Rugelach - Available Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Walnut Kalacs - Tender yeast dough interwoven with ground walnuts and raisins. Available Wednesday

More about Springerle Cookies



Link: http://www.crixa.net/archives/cookies...

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