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Please critique my Hong Kong to-eat list


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Please critique my Hong Kong to-eat list

ckshen | Aug 11, 2013 12:59 AM

Hi chowhounds!

I am going to HK for 2.5 weeks (with a 1.5 year old). We won't have access to home-cooking so we will be eating out. trying to gather some ideas of good meals around town.

I will be staying in the southern part of HK island. at one point i will actually be staying right across the street from the Aberdeen fish market but too bad they closed. so the list i compiled so far is heavily HK island because its just quicker to get to with an unpredictable 1.5 year old. with that said, Kowloon and NT also works if its reasonably close to MTR.

for context, I am coming from the San Francisco bay area. so i prefer to skip food that i have a relatively easy time to find quality options back home- such as californian, pizza, burger, italian, indian etc. I also lived in HK for almost 20 years but in my younger age I didn't really pay too much attention to my eating. and i haven't been back recently so that means i don't remember much about the dining scene here.

for the restaurants listed below (thanks much to chowhound threads)- for cuisines where I have some names, are there some that are more worth the time to go to than others, or are there any i've left out that shouldn't be missed? i realize that HK has so many good choices that asking for 'the greats' is a somewhat ridiculous question. but also want to make sure that none of these places are forgettable. 'If i have a limited amount of time in one place, i might as well eat well.'

realize my list is heavily chinese focused, since i am in HK. are there other cuisine/ restaurants that i should seriously think about trying?

Chiu Chow:
Chan Kan Kee
Tak Kee
Hung's Delicacy

Dimsum/ Cantonese:
Tim Ho Wan (set aside that the chef was from LKH, and that the dimsum is economical, are they really that awesome that deserves the wait?)
Lin Heung
Yung Kee
Golden Leaf
Fook Lam Moon
Fu Sing
Lei Garden

Noodle/ Wonton:
Mak An Kee
Tsim Tsai Kee
Kau Kee
Tasty (airport)

Sang Kee

Roast Meat:
Joy Hing

Kwan Kee

Dai Pai Dong:
Sing Heung Yuen

HK western:
Tai Ping Koon

Ye Shanghai
Liu Yuan
Din Tai Fung
HK Old Restaurant

Si jie
San xi lou
Da Ping Huo
Yu Chuan

Stanley: planning to make a trip here. any recommendations?

Hakka: must i go to Yuen Long? any good place on HK island?

Beijing: any recommendations?

other Chinese regional cuisine?

Egg Pastry:
Tai Cheong

Wife Pastry:
Hang Heung
Is there any better than Hang Heung?

Moon Cake:
any relatively non-artery clogging amazing moon cakes out there?

Ap Lei Chau cooked food centre, mainly because its easy to haul a toddler here from where i am than Lei Yue Moon, Saigon, etc.

any other worth going?

SE Asia:
any worth going? someone said there aren't too many outstanding ones despite geographical proximity- i don't know if its true.

i am going to be in the area for at least 1 meal. any recommendations?

How long ahead do i need to reserve if i need to reserve to get in? with a toddler, preference is not have to wait too long to eat a meal so reserving ahead of time is not a problem but want to get a sense whether we are talking about days or weeks or 'you'll never get in unless you do it a year in advance'

Thanks a bunch!

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