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Costco Requests?


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Costco Requests?

FriendOfTheDevil | Oct 18, 2010 09:58 AM

I read the threads in here about Costco. Recently I had to do a few different size exchanges on clothes and did not find the experience very satisfactory. Instead of simply exchanging, you have to return, then rebuy in two different spots. I emailed Costco about this and got a very non sensical response that kind of sounded like the "Stepford Wives" or something.

Yesterday, I went to Costco to buy this fantastic marinated Flank Steak that we had a week or two ago. Simply one of the best things I have tasted there.

I come to find out I must have bought the last pack because they discontinued it. The person behind the meat counter kept insisting it did not matter when they said, it would not change corporate’s decision and that I should go leave a suggestion at the box
So I did. Along with wanting the 10 oz salmon I have seen posted about. So while I was there, I noticed a notebook with "responses" to requests and decided to look through it.

I could not find ONE SINGLE response where they simply said ,"yes, we will get that for you". Every single request was answered with the reason the store does not have that item any longer.

So why bother to make a request, if they are all turned down?

Have you made a request to Costco and gotten a positive response out of it?


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